About us

Generations of experience

Our technology is founded on generations of experience, and it has solidified our world-leading position within the area of shellfish processing.

KM Fish Machinery built the first complete onboard shrimp processing facility in the world. Later on, the knowledge from this invention was put to further use, when we expanded our area of expertise to include land-based processing facilities. Now, we receive comissions from all over the world, including places like Greenland, Bangladesh and Australia.

Throughout the years, we have constantly adapted our technology to local circumstances and conditions - when dealing with wild catches as well as with farm-raised fish and shellfish.

Flexibility and quality

In an ever-changing world we have demonstrated our flexibility by showing that we can swiftly adapt to changes in the market. One thing however remains unchanged: We always deliver the same high quality. We constantly strive towards developing and refining our technology, so it will always accommodate changing market demands and new types of fishing

Top-Notch service

As KM Fish Machinery's customer, you will experience a unique service-mindedness coming from our excellent team of employees. We are present in most regions of the world - either in person or by way of local partners. Because of the supervising work we take on during construction processes, we can ensure that local employees are trained to manage basic operational problems. We are available with technological assistence throughout this process.